Hello, readers!

My name is Maggie and by day I work in Communications for a non-profit organization in my area, and when I’m not in the office, I also work as a singer and actor. My degrees and training are in music and theatre and I am almost always rehearsing or performing in some play or musical, as well as serving as a music minister at my church. Busy, busy! *shameless self promotion: if you’re interested in my musical career, visit my website!* Between all that, I always make sure to find time to read, because it’s one of the most blissful and enjoyable pastimes I participate in, and reading is what sparked my love of theatre at a young age, which then sparked my love of music, and the rest, as they say, is history!

I am an ENFJ, a 2w3, a wine drinker, a coffee addict, a strong supporter of the Oxford comma, and a very amateur runner. I love autumn, charcuterie boards, Shakespeare, bike rides, and Schitt’s Creek on Netflix, and my favorite genres are contemporary fiction, classics, suspense/thrillers, and mystery. I hope you’ll enjoy the posts and reviews I curate here, and if you do, please let me know! Check around the blog for my social media and Goodreads, and let’s connect! Thanks for stopping by!